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Rexroth variable valve
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Rexroth variable valve

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Country of manufacture:China

Rexroth is the use of variable valve spool (plunger, valve) on the sealing surface of the slide, changing the position of the fluid outlet passages to control fluid flow diverter valve. Spool valve commonly used in steam engines, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, etc., so that action sports institutions to obtain a predetermined direction of travel or automatic and continuous operation.

Rexroth variable valve structure is dominated by the positioning portion of the body portion and the operation composition; spool valve operation are: manual, motorized, electric, hydraulic type, electro-hydraulic. Although a variety of spool valve operation, but the main portion is substantially the same; and are made up of body composition slide valve spool, the valve body has undercut groove, there is a shoulder on the spool, with a spool and valve body relative sliding off to change the relationship between the oil change to be achieved, thus named spool. Spool valve features: reliability, technology is good, the spool force balance, low operating force, can be used for high-pressure flow situation, it is widely used.

Classification and Features

1 fold, manual valve

Features: reliable, save energy. Traffic is not suitable for big occasions.

2 fold, motorized valve

Features: reliable, used a combination of hydraulic system.

Drive mode

Rexroth variable valve driving system of manual and automatic (mechanical, electromagnetic) two. Automatic slide valve driven by a mechanical device it controls, coordination between the two movements to machinery and equipment automatic continuous operation.


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Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2019

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