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Hydromotors quality cycloid hydraulic motor
  • Hydromotors quality cycloid hydraulic motor

Hydromotors quality cycloid hydraulic motor

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Hydromotors quality cycloid hydraulic motor is an axial flow rotor tipped vice-style small low-speed high torque hydraulic motors that the built-in ring gear installed roller. Motor has rollers to provide high the torque is up and running, roller reduces friction, thereby improving efficiency, even when the output shaft at a very low speed can produce a stable output. By changing the direction of flow of the input and output of the motor to change rapidly, and the like to produce torque value in both directions. Each series has a variety of motor displacement elect to meet a variety of speed and torque requirements.


1, hydraulic engine quality cycloid hydraulic motor, small size, light weight, its dimensions similar torque than other types of hydraulic motors smaller.

2, wide speed range, stepless, minimum steady speed of up to 15 rev / min, easy installation arrangement and low investment costs.

3, in the hydraulic system can be used in tandem, it can also be used in parallel.

4, the rotation inertia small, easy to start under load, reversing can be used, and the commutation time without downtime.


1 Hydromotors quality cycloid hydraulic motor using axial end face of the assignment and assignment, simple and compact structure, with a flow of high precision;

2 The Vice-tipped rotor, high mechanical efficiency, long operating life of high pressure;

3 using duplex angular ball bearings, can withstand large radial and axial load, friction, high mechanical efficiency.

4 advanced assignment mechanism design, with a flow of high precision and wear automatic compensation features.

5 Allow the motor series and parallel, should be used in tandem Then leaking oil port.

6 tapered roller bearings designed with a larger radial load carrying capacity, so that the motor can be driven directly working bodies.

More than seven kinds of flange, output shaft, such as the installation of connection ports.


Hydromotors quality cycloid hydraulic motors are widely used, mainly used for agriculture, fisheries, light industry, materials handling, mining, construction machinery and other mechanical rotary mechanism.

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Henan Feng Qi Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Main business products are: hydraulic valve body castings, hydraulic valve body finished, Rexroth solenoid valve, solenoid valve supporting the electromagnet, hydraulic hose and fittings, hydraulic cylinders and honing tube, rod, hydraulic accumulators. Currently it has many of the world countries to establish long-term stable cooperative relations. Such as: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Thailand, Israel, Switzerland, Australia, and other countries. To build factories and entities in 2011: Dengfeng Qi Feng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of hydraulic valve rough castings. To provide customers with satisfactory service is our aim; to meet the various needs of customers is our goal. We sincerely hope to first-class products and excellent service to win customer satisfaction.

Type of hydromotor:液力发动机
产品名及型号: BM3/W/S-400摆线液压马达
排量: 401.9
最大流量: 75
最大输出功率: 8
转速范围: 5-155
重量: 14
Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2019

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